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It is an interesting time. Our country has made history with the election of a new President. Hopefully, healing will begin.  Meanwhile, the old energies continue. My nephew lost one of his friends due to an auto accident involving alcohol. The police tried to force a confession that my nephew in another car caused the accident even though several witnesses collaborated that he had nothing to do with it. We will continue to struggle as the old energies fight to stay alive. May we all be blessed with a clear journey.

I've enclosed a prayer that someone sent me some years ago. It is about accepting responsibility for one's life. I find it somehow clears my soul as it reminds me that we are one.

I have also included a story about the bridge builders. It reminds me of each of you and what you are doing in this world. Blessed be each of thee.

In addition, I will be doing a workshop in January that will be a Crystal Emergence workshop. The details are below. It is a workshop that will be filled with journeys and the opportunity for your soul to speak...

Bountiful Blessings
Herb Stevenson
One White Horse Standing


Mea Culpa--My Fault--I Am Responsible

I acknowledge to the Great Spirit
And to you my brothers and sisters,
That I have erred through my own human-ness
In my thoughts and in my words--
through my lack of conscious awareness,
In what I have done--
through my lack of conscious action,
and in what I have failed to do--
through my lack of conscious responsibility for my life.
I call in gratitude to the Great Spirit,
the Great Mystery of All Life,
And to all the ancestors that come before and after me,
And to you, my brothers and sisters
That hold me in awareness and support me
in my quest for Conscious awareness, choicefulness, and wholeness.


The Bridge Builder

An Old man, traveling a lone highway,
Came at the evening cold and gray,
To a chasm, deep and wide.
The Old man crossed in the twilight dim,
For the sullen stream held no fears for him.
Then he turned as he reached the other side,
And built a bridge to span the tide.
"Old man," cried a fellow pilgrim near,
"You're wasting your strength by building here,
Your journey will end at the end of day,
You never again will pass this way.
You've crossed the chasm deep and wide,
Why build you a bridge at eventide?"
The builder raised his old gray head,
"Good friend, on the path I have come," he said,
"There followeth after me one day,
A fair-haired youth who must pass this way,
He too must cross in the twilight dim,
Good friend, I'm building this bridge for him."

Author Unknown


Emergence of the Soul
A Journey into Stone Energy & Healing

Rocks and crystals have been treasured for their beauty and healing energies since the dawn of time. For some, the rock and crystal spirit energies can enhance shamanic work by adding new experiential dimensions to the ecstatic journey.

The Emergence workshop will do 10-15 journeys over the course of the weekend. The focus of the workshop is total immersion into the spiritual world for three days so that the emergence of one’s soul can surface through a memory, an insight, or a deep awareness.

A large altar/vortex is created with large rocks and crystals. This creates a massive energetic field. Within this field, the people are able to find the safety necessary for the soul or inner parts of the self to come to the surface to heal and be healed. The group will set up in a circle and be sharing and witnessing their journeys together.

It is common for people to have transformational healing experiences. All participants need to be familiar with shamanic journeying. Class size is limited to 26 people.

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This is a shamanic newsletter and is intended only for educational and informational purposes. Any person needing therapeutic support should contact a mental health professional immediately.