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Hi Folks;

Spring has sprung and the gremlins of winter seem to be sliding back into the earth. It has been an interesting winter. Physically, there were many struggles with colds, infections, flu, asthma, and blood clots trying to decide whether to dissolve or not. It made for a very tiring winter. Now, it is Spring. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the stained glass medicine in my window brings vibrant colors into my office, and life feels pretty good.

During the winter, I shed more habits that once served me and felt like anchors that were too burdensome to continue; so, I cut the ropes and drifted away from them. Recently, I shifted my focused from what was and has been to more of what could be. I will be going back to school to study for my doctorate in human and organization development in the fall. A new excitement has filled me as I have gone through the application. Had some fun hearing my father teasing about how many times do I have to go to school before I remember or know enough to stop. He read intensely his entire life, yet never finished high school.

Over the last month, I found a blue tourmaline. I wire-wrapped it and have been wearing it. As often happens to me, I found the stone, then discovered that it had been calling me for some time. The details of it are listed below.

Bountiful Blessings,
Herb Stevenson
One White Horse Standing


TourmalineBlue Tourmaline

  • Libra and Taurus
  • Power Numbers 6 and 55,
  • Neon Blue 99
  • Deep Blue is known as Indicolite

The Tourmaline Family

Tourmalines are the most colorful gemstone group. They occur in all variations, green, red, blue, yellow, colorless, black, and some come in two or more colors at once. There is no other gemstone group whose diversity of color exceeds that of the tourmalines, but the colors do not occur with equal frequency and they are not all equally well known. The best known are the green tourmaline and the pink or red rubellite. By contrast, a tourmaline which is pure blue is a rare thing indeed. Mostly, the blue color has a more or less noticeable touch of green.

Blue Tourmaline

Pure blue tourmalines are much coveted on account of their beauty and rarity. In fine qualities, blue tourmalines are almost always one-offs. They are also highly esteemed by collectors. They are at their most valuable when they show an intense, clear, radiant blue which is not too dark, the kind of blue that puts one in mind of an aquamarine or a beautiful sapphire. The pure blue of the tourmaline radiates harmony. Perhaps it is for that reason that the gemstone therapists claim that a blue tourmaline makes people both honest and tolerant.

These rare blue gemstones originate mostly in the classical country of Tourmalines, Brazil, or, to put it more exactly, in the north of Brazil, where the magnificent turquoise Paraiba tourmalines were also discovered. However, they are also found today in the gemstone mines of Namibia, Afghanistan and Pakistan and recently those of Nigeria.

Sometimes, the gemstone specialists refer to the blue tourmaline as an ‘indigolith’ (‘blue stone’). As a rule, however, blue tourmaline is the term used.

Spiritual Insights

Blue tourmaline can be used to activate the throat chakra (speaking the truth of the heart) and third-eye (seeing the vision of the soul), thereby strengthening the skills associated with communication and psychic awareness. It assists one in relating to others in a loving manner, bringing the true impressions to the surface.

It further helps one to live in harmony with one’s environment (e.g. people, places, things). The energy of blue tourmaline activates progression toward service, allowing one to recognize the rewards of serving humanity in the areas of expansion of knowledge and in helping all to realize the power of love.

The very deep blue share of tourmaline, that stimulates the third-eye, facilitates access to the higher levels/realms of intuition. It acts as a vehicle for visions and for contact with the higher realms.


Blue tourmaline can be used in the treatment of disorders of the lungs, throat, larynx, esophagus, thymus, and thyroid. Dark blue tourmaline can be used in the treatment of disorders associated with the eyes and the brain. Neon blue has been used in diagnostic endeavors and in assisting in the recognition of causal factors.

- Melody, Love is in the Earth: A kaleidoscope of Crystals.


Enables one to be very clear, calm, and centered about what one doesn’t want in one’s life’s. Be careful in its use because calm can verge on being cold and calculating. Positive use of discrimination.

- Michael's Gemstone Dictionary.


Strengthens an urge to spiritual freedom. It encourages fidelity, ethics, and a love of truth. It dissolves sadness and blocked feelings and lends relief. It broadens the horizon and promotes tolerance and a sense of responsibility.

- Michael Gienger, Crystal Power, Crystal Healing.


Upcoming Workshops

Annual Halloween/
Shamanic Workshop
October 29-31, 2010

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October 28th, 2010

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