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MARCH 2008

It has been an interesting time...somewhere between the two eclipses. During that period, I’ve received requests for support from couples as well as individuals caught in a loop where thoughts and judgments were running at 90 mph with no relief in sight. Often, the Critic within was in control berating the individual or the life partner. It felt like some form of purging trance was in action, where every negative, unspoken thought was being released into the universe. To say the least, these moments are difficult enough let alone when they run for days.

My suggestion for everyone is belly laugh and lots of grounding. Belly laugh releases toxins from the physical body as well as from our emotional body. The more the better. Grounding stones can help, however I suggest that if you can stand it, a good dose of hedenbergite could support transforming some of the energies. Over the years, I have used this stone often to support my transitions during major meltdowns as well as rebirthing processes. I often would create pendants that I would wear for whatever period seemed to support the transition. Then, I would simply stop wearing it until it called to support my next transition.

Questions and Answers

No questions arrived for this issue. If you have a question on rocks and crystals, ceremonies or anything shamanic, let me know.

Bountiful Blessings

Herb Stevenson
One White Horse Standing



Virgo--Power # 66

HedenbergiteNamed after M.A. Ludwig Hedenberg, Swedish chemist, co-worker of Berzelius, who first described the species.

It crystallizes in the form of prismatic crystals, twins, and lamellar masses. Its color range includes light to dark green to black. It comes from the Amazon and Siberia and can be with quartz or amethyst crystals.

It is a mineral of transition, assisting in the progression from one state to another and from one circumstance to another. It melds the extremes in ones life to bring a synthesis of opposing forces to expedite ease of development.

It brings forth an arrangement of the divine order of personal life, the sacred order upon and within the Earth, and the celestial order of the universe. It further facilitates the concepts of organization and systematic resolutions and reflects the implementation of same.

It is an energy of success and patience, bringing forth the correct actions to accelerate the achievement of goals and promoting new friendships. When occurring with quartz or amethyst, it brings together the qualities of these minerals to produce a dynamic stone for meditation, healing, and for telepathic endeavors.

It has been used to assist in the assimilation of manganese, calcium, and iron. It has also been used in the treatment of bone loses, periodontal disorders, and for the healing of chronic illness of the immune system.

Source: Melody, Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals,
, 1995

Cancer #5

BrookiteBrookite, named for the English Mineralogist, Henry James Brook (B. 1771)) is the rarest of the three polymorphs of titanium oxide, the others being  anatase ad rutile. The structure of brookite is characterized by the octahedra of TiO4

Source: Martin Holden, Encyclopedia of Gemstones and Minerals

Brookite crystallizes in the form of tabular and plate-like crystals. The color ranges from red-brown to black and the finish ranges from metallic to a diamond like luster.

The mineral helps one to withstand intolerable situations and to flow with the moment. It also helps one to understand that the "systems of belief" have brought one to the position one has today. It assists one in correcting those beliefs which do not benefit progression.

It attracts and retains energy. It is excellent for use in energizing ones chakras, energy fields, environment, and for supplementing the energy forces of other crystals and minerals. It can be used to dispel lethargy and apathy, prompting ones hidden energy toward imaginative endeavors and responsiveness.

It can be useful in the treatment of debilitating conditions, circulation problems and under activity with respect to fertility (when consciously directed).

Source: Melody, Love is in the Earth

Increases one’s sense of personal power. Enables one to feel more capable and confident about handling whatever difficulties might appear.



We will be doing at least two workshops at Dodgeville, Wisconsin in 2008. Contact Marie Smith at for more details. We will be doing Cougar/Mountain Lion/Panther Medicine as our fourth and final session of the medicine wheel, and a Questing for a Vision August 1-3, 2008. Some details are below.


Cougar MedicineCougar Medicine
Saying what is so, when it is so without blame or judgement.

April 25-27, 2008

Indigenous cultures refer to medicine as the essence of the person, place or thing. In our terms it is the essence of being a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional being. Cougar or Panther medicine is about the essence of the deep knowing spirit The cougar/panther is the second largest cat in the western hemisphere. It is also one of the fastest and most powerful animals, but it tires quickly. It is powerful enough to kill with its bite or its claws. It can leap over 40 feet.

It is a stealthy hunter, and many of the qualities of the panther hold true for the cougar. If cougar has shown up in your life, it is time to learn about power. Test your own. Most young cougars learn how to use their power through trial and error. It strengthens them and hones their skills. When cougar shows up as totem, much of the trial has been worked through. Now it is time to assert.

People may not like your asserting. They may try and keep you in the category they have always kept you. You can choose to remain so, or you can stretch your muscles and show your capabilities. Those with cougar medicine fall easily under attack, especially by those who have grown comfortable with the status quo and do not wish to truly see you grow. Remember that there will always be some who will not wish to see you come into your own power or will ever acknowledge that you have. If cougar has shown up, there is a choice to be made, and it should be made quickly and strongly. A cougar leaps at its opportunities.

Cougar/Panther Medicine Workshop

The Cougar/Panther Medicine workshop is an initiation-a birthing process to more fully be who you are within the world. The focus is to discover the innate healing presence within yourself that have not been allowed to be seen or heard, let alone to mature as part of who you are. We will nurture those parts so as to begin to create a more centered and balanced life. Our intent is to create the sacred space that will enable you to fully birth who you are, shedding the parts that no longer serve the fullness of your presence. Each person will be given the opportunity to be initiated into the Cougar/Panther medicine.

We will do a mix of ceremony and drum journeys. Contact Marie Smith at for more details.

Sign up or read more about Cougar Medicine on our website.


Questing fo a Vision

August 1-3, 2008

Vision questing was originally known as crying or lamenting for a vision. It involved going into seclusion on a mountain or sacred site without food or water or clothes. Stripped to the nakedness of oneself, the individual sat in total humility waiting for a vision of how the world is different because the individual exists. Questing for a Vision workshop is about learning to listen to who we are more fully as a person.

What to Expect:
We will do a bunch of journeys over the course of the weekend-walking journeys, drum journeys, etc.. The focus will be to deepen the awareness of one's internal vision of how to more fully be in the world. The focus of the workshop is immersion into the spiritual world for two and one-half days. A large altar/vortex is created with large rocks and crystals. This creates a massive energetic field. Within this field, the people are able to find the safety necessary for the soul or inner parts of the self to come to the surface to heal and be healed. It is common for people to have life-changing healing experiences.

Who Should Come:
Participants need to be experienced with the shamanic drum journey.

What to Bring:
Please bring any rocks or crystals that want to come along. A journal notebook is encouraged as well as any comforts for sitting on the floor, such as floor chairs, back supports, blankets, pillows, etc.

Contact Marie Smith at for more details.

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