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Hi folks;

It has been a winter full of many major changes. Some say a winter of extreme changes. I cannot deny either as personal experiences.

If we look into the many prophecies that indicate the window of major spiritual transition has been open since 1/1/2007, we realize that this window ends 12/31/2011. In other words, we are into the final year of the prophecy. As indicated, each year of the five years (the number 5 reflects human being in many numerology schematics) is to be progressively stronger. This suggests that the extreme shifts internally we many have experienced are heading for a major crescendo, some might say tsunami, by year end.

For me, it has felt something akin to an internal hurricane followed by a major tidal wave to wash away the sense of destruction. Please do not get awash with the descriptions. Though not pleasant, the after-effects of having released massive amounts of fear has been encouraging. By no means am I done; however, I do believe that what ever will be the final result of these experiences will be an opportunity to move my center to a new state of equilibrium, no longer cluttered with massive amounts of habits, unconscious behavior, and frozen parts. I lean towards something new, different, more fully who I am.

As a reminder, when doing deep, personal or spiritual work, being grounded is critical. We do this by feeling our feet and butt. We breathe more deeply. We do not become the chaos; rather, we touch it, watch it, and feel it so that it can create the alchemical processes that can clear, wash, free, transform that which no longer serves us. It is our next stage of becoming.

Over the last month, I found a Tibetan Scepter quartz. I wire-wrapped it and have been wearing it . As often happens to me, I found the stone, then discovered that it had been calling me for some time. The details of it are listed below.

We have scheduled the workshops in Wisconsin through 2012. October, 2011 is already fully enrolled, partially due to doing the workshop in the much smaller barn instead of the Prairie Center. I suggest you contact Marie to hold a spot if you plan to attend in 2012.

There is a great likelihood I will restart workshops in the Cleveland area later this year. Watch the website.

Bountiful Blessings,


Tibet Sceper Quartz NecklaceTibet - Scepter Quartz

These are beautiful Scepters of Tibetan Quartz (sometimes called Tibetan Scepter Quartz). Scepter Crystals are long thin crystal rods that have another crystal growing around one tip. Scepter Crystals focus spiritual energy from higher realms deep into the center of a problem or issue. Scepter Crystals remind us of our true selves and our true paths, and give courage, especially to take a needed action. Scepters were said to be used in healing ceremonies by priests/ priestesses in Atlantis and Lemuria, and were symbols of power in those realms.

Tibetan Quartz is a powerful, protective spiritual stone that is highly sought after for its metaphysical properties. Tibetan Quartz Crystals are transparent to slightly smoky, with black inclusions of manganese and/or carbon. This Quartz is mined in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, one of the most sacred areas on Earth. The vibration of this highly spiritual area is imparted on the stones, making thousands of years of spiritual and healing knowledge more easily accessible. Their source also seems to give Tibetan Quartz Crystals an almost holy, enlightened vibration as well as very harmonious and balanced energy.

Tibet Scepter QuartzTibetan Quartz can create a field of protection around the user, blocking negative energy from entering. The purifying energies of Tibetan Quartz also make it an excellent stone for balancing the chakras and meridian systems.

–Robert Simmons


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Annual Halloween/Shamanic Workshop
—Closed due to full enrollment

Bethel Horizons, Dodgeville Wisconsin
October 28-30, 2011

Shamanic Workshop

Bethel Horizons, Dodgeville Wisconsin
January 26-29, 2012

Shamanic Workshop

Bethel Horizons, Dodgeville Wisconsin
October 18-21, 2012

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This is a shamanic newsletter and is intended only for educational and informational purposes. Any person needing therapeutic support should contact a mental health professional immediately.