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Hi folks,

I hope you are having an exciting Summer. We are in the midst of a 70 degree, sunny, no humidity day in July. Cannot ever remember a July like this year. Feels more like this has been the weather of May, which might be the case for me after spending the healing time in May.

I’ve included information on hummingbird. Over the 4th, I got busy potting plants and now have 14 large flower pots adorning our patios. I love the beauty of the flowers. While admiring them, I realized we have hummingbirds this year. The most important aspect of them ignited an awareness that got me moving. Hummingbird suggests that we can do the impossible or immovable or whatever we’ve decided we can’t do. Amazing choices shifted for me as I realized that I can create from what I’ve been unable to embrace.

This led me to building a 20 foot in diameter stone medicine wheel. I am praying on it every day. My life is getting more in balance and I feel more energy every day.

Medicine Wheel

The upcoming workshops are very exciting. The details are noted below briefly with a link for more details. We have Crystal Awareness in September, Hawk Medicine in October, Four Chambered Heart in December, Shamanic Peacemaking in January, and Vulture Medicine in February. It should be an exciting year. I look forward to seeing everyone at whichever workshop you choose to appear.

Bountiful Blessings,
One White Horse Standing


The Hummingbird

Tireless Joy & Nectar of Life

Cycle of Power: Daytime

Hummingbird-1Hummingbirds are very small birds with a high metabolism. A great deal of energy is spent flying, so they must feed almost constantly. Hummingbirds can consume up to twice their body weight in nectar every day. They usually feed on nectar and insects. Hummingbirds actually lap up the nectar with their tongues. A lot of people think that hummingbirds have a hollow tongue like a straw. Their tongues do have grooves on the sides that collect nectar. When the bill constricts, the hummingbird can swallow the nectar from flowers and feeders. The hummingbird teaches us to extract our own nectar from life.

Hummingbird-2Hummingbirds are able to perch and will do so at feeders regularly. Because they fly so much, they have poorly developed feet. They can barely walk at all. The hummingbird is much more comfortable in flight.

Hummingbirds tend to fill us with wonder and joy. Whether in flight or building their nests, their precision fascinates us. They are extremely independent. It teaches the medicine of flowers and how to use the flower essences such as Bach’s flower remedies for healing.

The hummingbird can fly backward forward and sideways. It has been associated with fire and relationships, the past and the future. Backward is extremely unique and reminds us that we have many choices in any moment including to create joy from the dark past.

Hummingbird-3On the left we see that a hummingbird creates a trail of wake vortices generated by its flight. This suggests that it can leave a wake of energy behind its flight. Because of their playfulness, the hummingbirds' wake of energy from its flight reminds us to leave our own wake of playfulness everywhere we go.

Furthermore because of this absolutely unique flying ability, hummingbird teaches us that we can accomplish that which seems impossible to others, and do so while finding the miracle of joyful living from our own circumstances.


Upcoming Workshops


Crystal Integration

September 13-15, 2013

The Crystal Integration workshop will focus on crystals and integration at the soul, individual and community levels. In some of the work, we will focus on the light body that is activated minerals (quartz) within the body. Some think that the activation of this light body is what regenerates our life force. Others believe that it is simply an illumination of the spirit. Regardless of your beliefs, we are going to explore this illumination through the creation of a massive sacred space.

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Hawk Medicine


October 25-27, 2013

Keynote: Visionary power and guardianship

Cycle of Power:
Spring/Fall Equinoxes--New Moon

Keenest eyes of all raptors. They are impressive and stir the imagination. Their hunting ability, their eyesight, and their powerful flights and other behaviors are dynamic symbols. The red-tailed hawk is a messenger. Its red tail is symbolic of the kundalini, the seat of the life force. In the human, this is the base chakra. It can reflect that you will be working with the life-force or that you will work with the hawk after the kundalini is activated or that childhood visions are becoming empowered and fulfilled.

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The Four Chambered Heart

A Journey into Wholeness

December 6-9, 2013

The four chambered heart consists of being fully centered (in our heart) and actively maintaining a strong, clear, open, and full heart.

The strong heart means that we have true courage that is based on our internal authority of who we are. We are able to show up and be present without preconceived notions, while having the Ability to Take Action and Enforce Boundaries.

The clear heart means that we have removed our personal biases and blinders and developed a clarity about self so that we can see clearly who we are by having respect for self and for others without confusing external temptations that can lead down the destructive path of envy or entitlement. With a clear heart, we are able to assess, analyze and contain, while saying what is so when it is so, without blame or judgment.

The open heart is a heart that can love itself, having been nurtured by self, family, nature, and life. It does not measure against a bucket emptied by draining one's source of life by not accepting the innate sense of being loved regardless of circumstances. With a open heart, we have the Ability to Connect and Feel, while paying attention to what has heart and meaning.

The full heart means that we can embrace all of life with a sense of wisdom and generosity. It is an awareness that there are as many stories of what is life as there are people; hence, though we can influence others, we must always be open to them and their evolving story. With a full heart, we have the Ability to Initiate, Support and Create Order while being open to outcome.

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Creating Peacemakers
in a World of Conflict

January 17-19, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, conflict is natural, normal, and inevitable. In its simplest form, conflict is two opposing ideas attempting to occupy the same space. It results from the experience of human differences within and between ourselves and others. Within individuals, it surfaces as conflicts between right and wrong. Between individuals and within groups, conflict can develop over differences of opinion, especially when opinions are assumed to be facts. Within organizations, conflict can surface between competing individuals, departments, and divisions.

Between nations, it can surface as moral collisions based on cultural and religious differences. Genuine Peace within yourself and with others will never be attained with the elimination of chaos, confusion and conflict. In fact all three are essential to the continuance of life. Without chaos, there is no room for future possibilities. Without confusion, old ideas and ways of thinking stick around well beyond their time. And without conflict, ideas and approaches fail to reach their full potential, never having been sharpened in the intense conversation of critical assessment. Peace that brings wholeness, harmony and health to our lives only happens when chaos, confusion and conflict are included and transcended.

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Vulture Medicine

February 7-9, 2014

The vulture represents Purification, Death & Rebirth, New Vision. It is the is the most misunderstood and misaligned bird. People see them as gross and associate them with death, but myths reflects just the opposite. In Greek tradition, it was associated with heaven and earth, spirit and matter, good and evil, guardian and avenger. It was considered the avenger of the nature spirits.

The vulture has a wonderful ability to see and use the thermals rising from the earth, giving them lift. Their ability to use the thermals is likened to auric vision, the ability to see subtle energy emanations from the body. They have keen eyesight (8X humans) and powerful senses of smell. The sense of smell is associated with higher forms of discrimination. It can help you decide whether or not something doesn't quite smell right.

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