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Hi folks,

I have had the Blue Jay return to my life after a year or so absence...could be it was there and I was unconscious. Recently, several feathers have been gifted and they have been swooping me to get my attention (slow learner). As I pulled the information out I realized that I am working on two planes that need this medicine.

On one plane, I have been deeply engrossed with the work of A. H. Almaas. He has spent the last 25 years integrating psychological theory and spiritual teachings. Very few works pierce me as deeply as this man's work. The teaching of BlueJay is about right use of power and the level of dedication towards one's work. I see the Blue Jay encouraging me to go deeper and to stay with this line of study.

On the other plane, Blue Jay is about right use of power against me (us). This was a surprise lesson as I had not realized that Blue Jay also warns us about danger from others, seen and unseen. As I examined my life, much of my corporate work has become very political and in some cases power plays are being enacted against me. Rather than allow myself to become victimized, the Blue Jay reminds us that it has vocal shape-shifting ability where it can mimic many other birds including red-shouldered hawks. Moreover, it is fierce in its defense of itself albeit directly or indirectly. The timing of this realization has been perfect as it enabled me to shift out of the line of fire. Instead of being drug down with some one else's power plays, I am choosing to sit in the bleachers and watch.

In October, we have the Four-Chambered Heart workshop in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. It is working the wheel though the four chambers of the heart. We will allow TRUST to be our guiding theme in this wonderful journey in behalf of our selves. November 30-December 2, we will have an open Crystal Awareness workshop in Camp Asbury in Hiram, Ohio. Both workshops are beginning to fill, so I encourage you to reminder the early bird gets to be in circle.

Bountiful Blessings,
One White Horse Standing


Blue Jay

The Proper Use of Power
Year-round cycle of power

Blue JaySize & Shape

Large crested songbird with broad, rounded tail.
Blue Jays are smaller than crows, larger than robins.

Color Pattern

White or light gray underneath, various shades of blue, black, and white above.


Blue Jays make a large variety of calls that carry long distances. Most calls produced while the jay is perched within a tree. Usually flies across open areas silently, especially during migration. Stuffs food items in throat pouch to cache elsewhere; when eating, holds a seed or nut in feet and pecks it open.

The blue jay has long been thought of as a bully and a robber. Although it can have those tendencies, it has other qualities that make it stand out positively. For those with a bluejay totem, it can reflect lessons in using your own power properly. It can also reflect lessons in not allowing yourself to be placed in a position in which it is misused against you.

The word "jay" comes from Latin "gaia" or "gaea" which has associations to Mother Earth. In Greek mythology, the union of Mother Earth (Gaea) and Father Heaven (Uranus) resulted in the first creatures who had the appearance of life. This reflects much about the intrinsic power associated with the blue jay. It has the ability to link the heavens and the earth, to access each for greater power.

Blue JayThe black and white markings found on its blue wings reflect this same ability. The sky (blue) separates the Heavens (white) and the earth (black). This is a totem that can move between both and tap the primal energies at either level. The jay is aware of this innate ability. This is reflected in its blue crest—higher knowledge that can be used.

The primary problem with bluejay totem holder will be in dabbling in both worlds, rather than becoming a true master of both. Those with a blue jay totem usually have a tremendous amount of ability. However it can be scattered or it is often not developed any more than is necessary to get by. It is not unusual to find individuals with bluejay totems being dabblers, especially in the psychic and metaphysical field. They know a little bit about a lot of things, and they use that knowledge to give the impression they know more than they do or that they are true masters.

The bright blue crest of the jay should always be a reminder that to wear the crown of true mastership requires dedication, responsibility, and committed development in all things in the physical and spiritual. The blue jay is a reminder to follow through on all things—-to not start something and then leave it dangling.

The bluejay reflects a time of greater resourcefulness and adaptability is about to unfold. You are going to have ample opportunities to develop and use your abilities. The jay does not usually migrate during the winter, so look for ample time to develop and use your energies to access new levels. It will stay around and work with you as long as you need it.

The bluejay is a member of the crow family. Most crows have no fear. Bluejays will gang up and harass and drive out owls and hawks. The jay is fearless. It is because of this that it can help to connect with the deepest mysteries of the earth and the greatest of the heavens.

Blue JayThe bluejay is an excellent mimic, with a sharp eye and voice. It has a wonderful knack for imitating red-shouldered hawks. Old time naturalists were convinced that the bluejay derived pleasure from this activity. As with all members of its family, this sense of pleasure seeking, often at the expense of others, can reflect an imbalance. Sometimes jays appear when this is occurring in your own life.

Bluejays have a tremendous ability for survival with the least amount of effort. They reflect great talent, but that talent must be developed and utilized properly. If the jay has flown into your life, it indicates that you are moving into a time where you can begin to develop innate royalty that is within you, or simply be a pretender to the throne. It all depends on you. The jay has no qualms. It will teach you either direction.


Ted Andrews, Animal Speak



The Four Chambered Heart

A Journey into Wholeness
October 19-21, 2012

The four chambered heart consists of being fully centered (in our heart) and actively maintaining a strong, clear, open, and full heart. The strong heart means that we have true courage that is based on our internal authority of whom we are. We are able to show up and be present without preconceived notions, while having the Ability to Take Action and Enforce Boundaries. The clear heart means that we have removed our personal biases and blinders and developed a clarity about self so that we can see clearly whom we are by having respect for self and for others without confusing external temptations that can lead down the destructive path of envy or entitlement. With a clear heart, we are able to assess, analyze and contain, while saying what is so when it is so, without blame or judgment. The open heart is a heart that can love itself, having been nurtured by self, family, nature, and life. It does not measure against a bucket emptied by draining one’s source of life by not accepting the innate sense of being loved regardless of circumstances. With a open heart, we have the Ability to Connect and Feel, while paying attention to what has heart and meaning. The full heart means that we can embrace all of life with a sense of wisdom and generosity. It is an awareness that there are as many stories of what is life as there are people; hence, though we can influence others, we must always be open to them and their evolving story. With a full heart, we have the Ability to Initiate, Support and Create Order while being open to outcome.


In the silence of who we are, we discover a part of our self that is sacred. This part of our self does not come to the surface through determination or brute force or sheer will power. Rather it emerges from within the sacredness of who we are when sacred space is opened and safely held. When we touch our own sacredness, we touch our soul.

To find this part of our selves, we need to re-member who we are by traveling through the four chambers of our heart.

What to expect: The workshop will do several shamanic journeys over the course of the weekend. The focus of the workshop is total immersion into the spiritual world for two days so that the emergence of one’s soul can surface through a memory, an insight, or a deep awareness. A large altar/vortex is created with four large rose quartz crystals and one large selenite. This creates a massive energetic field. Within this field, the people are able to find the safety necessary for the soul or inner parts of the self to come to the surface to heal and be healed. It is common for people to have transformational healing experiences.

Who Should Come: All participants need to be experienced with the shamanic journey.

What to Bring: Please bring any rocks or crystals that want to come along. A journal notebook with colored pencils or pens is encouraged as well as any comforts such as blankets, pillows, etc.

When and Where will it be held

The workshop is residential and will be held at a beautiful Lutheran kids camp at Dodgeville, WI. You will receive detailed instructions with your registration. We will begin class at 9 am on each day and end at 3 pm on Sunday afternoon. To Register: Please send a $100 deposit or the amount in full to Marie Smith 19126 Campbell Hill Dr, Richland Center, WI 53581. If you have questions, please contact Marie Smith at or (608) 647-2366. The last day for registration is October 1, 2012. Cancellations received by October 1st will get a full refund. After October 1st there will be a $50 processing fee.

What is Included

The workshop is $525 if payment is postmarked by October 1, 2012, which includes lodging for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, 3 meals on Friday, 3 meals on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. There is a fee of $10 for linens and towels or you can provide your own.

Class size is limited to 26.

Presenter: Herb "One White Horse Standing" Stevenson (Shawnee and Cherokee) has been exploring indigenous healing practices for over 20 years.


Learn more at

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Awakening to Crystals

A Journey into Stone Energy & Healing

November 30 - December 2, 2012

Crystal IntegrationRocks and crystals have been treasured for their beauty and healing energies since the dawn of time. In similar ways, rocks and crystals can assist in our spiritual journeys. For example, they bring forth spirit energies that provide interesting applications in the ordinary and non-ordinary realities. For some, the rock and crystal spirit energies can enhance shamanic work by adding new experiential dimensions to the ecstatic journey. For others, the rock and crystal spirit energies provide a new set of tools to be used in healing practices, such as establishing protective energy cocoons. At a minimum, as we learn to awaken the spirit energies of the rocks and crystals, parts of ourselves will begin to awaken as well.

What to Expect

Using hands-on experiences, the workshop will focus on energy systems and creating a state of grace, balance and harmony, where healing of the body, mind, soul, and spirit can occur. We will use shamanic journeying to assist us in creating sacred spaces as healing processes for self and others.


Who Should Come

The workshop is designed for people from all walks of life. It is focused towards expanding the skills for spiritual explorers, practicing healers, and curious people. Hence, crystal healers, hands-on healers, shamanic practitioners, body-workers, and the delightfully inquisitive can expand their skills through the use of crystal energies.

What to Bring

Please bring your drum(s), rattle(s), bell(s), and/or favorite noisemaker, as well as any rocks or crystals that want to come along. A journal notebook is encouraged as well as any comforts for sitting on the floor, such as blankets, pillows, etc.


Dinner will be served on Friday night, Saturday- breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch—departure at 3pm.

When and Where to Come

Registration will begin at 1:00 PM on Friday, November 30th at Camp Asbury. The workshop will begin Friday afternoon, Sat-all day and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The workshop will be held at Camp Asbury 10776 Asbury Rd Hiram Ohio 44234.

What to Pay

The fee for the workshop is $395 if paid by October 1, 2012. If paid after October 1, 2012, the fee is $445. This includes room and six hot meals as listed above.

For further information, kindly call Lauren at 216-272-8438 or e-mail to reserve a space in the circle. Please send a check, payable to The Rock Girls inc. Mail the check to The Rock Girls Inc, PO Box 24455, Cleveland, OH 4412. Once paid-in-full you will receive info on your stay at Camp Asbury. Due to the workshop focus and the unique facilities, the attendance will be limited to 25 people.


Buffalo Medicine

Early 2013 - Dates to be Announced,
Camp Asbury, Hiram Ohio

The Buffalo Medicine workshop is an initiation – a birthing process to more fully be who you are in the world. The focus is to discover the inner wisdom of your soul that knows how to combine right action with right prayer. Buffalo Medicine leads us to discover our ability to initiate , support and create order, while being open to outcome.

Buffalo medicine is about the essence of buffalo spirit. Buffalo is a symbol of abundance and manifestation through co creation with Spirit. Part of what White Buffalo Woman taught the Lakota is that they did not have to struggle to survive. By uniting the mundane and the divine appropriately, all that would be needed would be available. In this way we don't have to “bull” our way through life. The path opens and flows easily. Buffalo are also in tune with the seasons and the timing of Nature. This doesn't mean we should sit back and do nothing, but rather that we should do what we have to do and then let events take their natural course. Buffalo medicine is also about give away and gratitude for what you already have. The quickest way to stop the flow of abundance is by failing to honor that which has already come to you.

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This is a shamanic newsletter and is intended only for educational and informational purposes. Any person needing therapeutic support should contact a mental health professional immediately.