A Walk into the Safety
of Being Oneself

Self-Care, Negative Talk, and Permitting Boundaries

January 28-30, 2022


A consistent theme that has been repeated over the course of many years of workshops is how to walk safely in the Being of oneself. This theme is regardless of the workshop topic or whether it was a shamanic or healing presence workshop. This topic permeates the struggle for self-care, addressing the internal voices of negative talk, and granting oneself the comfort and confidence of setting clear boundaries. Moreover, it is the beginning of developing more internal presence.

Journey to Safely Being You

The focus of the workshop will be introspective. There will be significant reflection to self-discover through personal time, small group time to explore and a series of guided experiences. We will discover:

  • Self-care requires granting permission to be fully who you are and that seeking what your heart and soul wants is not selfishness.
  • Self-talk filters how we see the world and therefore how we judge ourselves and others.
  • Personal boundaries cannot be developed until a strength in one’s internal authority is developed.

Without well-developed internal authority there can be no permission for self-care as self-talk and the external authority of others will undermine the process. Internal authority is directly related to your capacity to remain self-aware and present to yourself. When we have no internal authority we tend to disconnect from ourself. We will explore and reveal how all three are intertwined to become strong permeable boundaries versus weak, leaking, and painful lack of boundaries.

What to Expect

There will be open spaces for reflections using guiding exercises individually and in small groups. Written materials will be provided to guide you through your journey to selfawareness and developing internal authority.

Who Should Come

The workshop is designed for people from all walks of life. For those interested in the Healing Den programs, this is a basic introduction. It is focused towards expanding the awareness.

What to Bring

This is at your home virtual workshop, so make yourself comfy. We will meditate, so, have any rocks or crystals that support your meditations. A journal notebook is encouraged.

The fee for the workshop is $395. If paid before January 15th, the fee is $345. Class size is limited to 21.


For further information, kindly email Lisa Roll Kayser, kayseroll23@gmail.com to reserve a space in the circle.

Please register with Herb Stevenson or Send Payment in Full by sending a check to 9796 Cedar Road Novelty, Ohio 44072 or by using either my PayPal account herb@clevelandconsultinggroup.com or Zelle using 440-241-6908.


The workshop will be done in four segments of 3, maybe 4 hours. With frequent breaks as you remind me of the need. The tentative schedule is as follows.

  • Friday 12-4 PM EST, 11-3 CST
  • Saturday 10-1 AM and 2-5 PM EST, 9-12 and 1-5 PM CST
  • Sunday 10-2 EST, 9-1 CST

Each segment will have a guided meditation, some teaching, an exercise, and processing. This structure has worked well for me and shortly after we get comfortable, you will find that it can be an interesting and insightful experience.

For Your Information

We will be virtual. So, if you have not done a virtual workshop, often called webinars, here’s some helpful information. Prior to our workshop if not familiar with Zoom.

1. Go to https://Zoom.com and open a free account and install it on your computer.

2. Make sure your computer has a camera. It is helpful but not needed that you have a headset with a microphone on it (like your cell phone headset). It cancels noise at home.

1. Please watch at least the following how to videos using this link https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206618765-Zoom-Video-Tutorials

  • 1 minute video - Join a Meeting
  • 10 minute video - Meeting Controls (highly recommended even if you have used Zoom before - it is worth 10 minutes!)
  • 3 minute video - Breakout Rooms

2. Here is the zoom help center https://support.zoom.us/hc/enus/categories/201137166

Download the PDF Brochure...