The Hummingbird
Tireless Joy & Nectar of Life

Cycle of Power: Daytime

January 23-25, 2015
Bethel Horizons, Dodgeville, Wisconsin

hawk-1Hummingbirds are very small birds with a high metabolism. A great deal of energy is spent flying, so they must feed almost constantly. Hummingbirds can consume up to twice their body weight in nectar every day. They usually feed on nectar and insects. Hummingbirds actually lap up the nectar with their tongues. A lot of people think that hummingbirds have a hollow tongue like a straw. Their tongues do have grooves on the sides that collect nectar. When the bill constricts, the hummingbird can swallow the nectar from flowers and feeders. The hummingbird teaches us to extract our own nectar from life.

Hummingbirds tend to fill us with wonder and joy. Whether in flight or building their nests, their precision fascinates us. They are extremely independent. It teaches the medicine of flowers and how to use the flower essences such as Bach’s flower remedies for healing.

The hummingbird can fly backward forward and sideways. It has been associated with fire and relationships, the past and the future. Backward is extremely unique and reminds us that we have many choices in any moment including to create joy from the dark past.

Who Should Come

The workshop is designed for people from all walks of life. It is focused toward expanding the awareness of spiritual explorers, healing and shamanic practitioners, and the delightfully inquisitive.

What to Bring

Please bring any rocks or crystals that want to come along. A journal notebook is encouraged as well as any comforts for sitting on the floor, such as floor chairs, back supports, blankets, pillows, etc.


HummingbirdThe workshop is residential and will be held at a beautiful Lutheran kids camp at Dodgeville, WI. You will receive detailed directions and a list of what to bring with your registration. Please include your email with any registration. The fee for the workshop is $525, which includes lodging for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, 3 meals on Friday, 3 meals on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. There is a fee of $10 for linens and towels or you can provide your own.

Class size is limited to 26.

To Register

Please send a $100 deposit or the amount in full to Marie Smith 19126 Campbell Hill Dr, Richland Center, WI 53581. Please register by Friday, January 9th, 2015 so we can order the food. We eat gluten free at these workshops and you can preview the menu upon request. All special needs like vegetarian or dairy-free can be honored. I will take names for the waiting list if/when the class fills. We often end up with spots for several people on the waiting list.

We will begin class at 9 am on each day and end at 2 pm on Sunday afternoon. If you have questions, please contact Marie Smith at or (608) 647-2366.


Herb "One White Horse Standing" Stevenson (Shawnee and Cherokee) has been exploring indigenous healing practices for over 20 years.

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