Eagle MedicineEagle Medicine

May 2-4, 2014
Camp Asbury, Hiram, Ohio

Illumination of Spirit, Healing, and Creation

Cycle of Power: All seasons and during daylight.

The eagle is one of the greatest and most admired birds of prey. It has severed as inspiration to many societies. Their ability to soar and hunt amazes and thrills those who are witness. Eagles spend very little time hunting because of its great skill. They teach a balance between being of the earth and not in it.

Many societies have eagle mythology and/or mysticism about them. The Aztecs were told by spirit to settle at a place where they find an eagle perched on a cactus eating snake...later to be named Mexico City. The eagle was sacred to Zeus, who often changed into the form of an eagle to help himself control thunder and lightning. For the Egyptians, the eagle is a symbol for the soul, spirit and the warmth of life. In early Christian mysticism, the eagle was a symbol of resurrection. The thunderbird, often depicted as an eagle was the Great Spirit that controlled lightning and rain, punishment and reward.

Many eagles mate for life. The male will collect the material for the nests, but the female will be the architect. These roles should be pondered by anyone working with eagles.

To align with eagle medicine is to take responsibility and assume the power of becoming so much more than you now appear to be. From a karmic perspective, it reflects that the events will now fly faster, and the repercussions for everything you think, do or say (or fail to think, do, or say) will be both stronger and quicker. To accept the eagle as a totem is to accept a powerful new dimension to life, and a heightened responsibility for your spiritual growth. But, only through doing so do you learn how to move between worlds, to touch all life with healing, and become the mediator and the bearer of new creative force within the world.

Eagle Medicine Workshop

The Eagle Medicine workshop is an initiation—a birthing process to more fully be who you are within the world. The focus is to discover the innate healing presence within yourself that have not been allowed to be seen or heard, let alone to mature as part of who you are. We will nurture those parts so as to begin to create a more centered and balanced life. Our intent is to create the sacred space that will enable you to fully birth who you are, shedding the parts that no longer serve the fullness of your presence. Each person will be given the opportunity to be initiated into the Eagle medicine.

What to Bring: Please bring any rocks or crystals that want to come along, as well as any Buffalo artifacts, claws, teeth, tools. A journal notebook is encouraged as well as any comforts for sitting on the floor, such as floor chairs, back supports, blankets, pillows, etc.


Dinner will be served on Friday night. Saturday: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sunday: breakfast and lunch. Departure at 3pm.

When and Where to Come

Registration will begin at 1:00 pm on Friday, May 2nd at Camp Asbury. The workshop will begin Friday running into the night, Saturday all day and into the evening, and Sunday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The workshop will be held at Camp Asbury, 10776 Asbury Rd., Hiram Ohio 44234.

What to Pay

The fee for the workshop is $405 if paid by April 1st, 2014. Send $100.00 deposit to hold your space or call Lauren if you need to discuss payment. If paid after April 1st, 2014, the fee is $455. This includes room and six hot meals as listed above.

For further information, kindly call Lauren at 216-272-8438 or e-mail lauren@therockgirls.com to reserve a space in the circle. Please send a check, payable to The Rock Girls inc. Mail the check to The Rock Girls Inc. PO Box 24455, Cleveland Ohio 44124. Once paid-in-full you will receive info on your stay at Camp Asbury.

Due to the workshop focus and the unique facilities, the attendance will be limited to 25 people.

For more information, email One White Horse Standing at .

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